Here are a few questions we get the most. If you don't see what's on your mind, reach out to us on our social media platforms and we will get back to you. Thanks!

Top FAQs
Your space, your way! You define what is conducive. Spatial's role is to augment your needs to make it even more conducive! We have huge table space made available for you to study; ample power points for you to plug in multiple devices; zones that suit your mood and also external displays for you to hook on to boost your productivitiy!
Yes! You’re welcome to bring your own food and drinks to the premise: It’s your space, your way! In fact, we also offer you FREE beverage :) But of course, we seek your cooperation to keep the premise clean and tidy and be considerate to others - by that we mean not to bring food that is overpoweringly fragrant (e.g durian).
Yep! We need a breather sometimes and for that it is okay to step out of Spatial to visit the nearby malls to relax your mind. We also provide lockers to secure your belongings to give you a peace of mind when you are away! You’ll still be charged even if you’re away from your desk and hence we strongly recommend you to end your booking and make another one after your “break” to save some cost! Alternatively, purchase one of our value for money passes so that you don’t have to worry about cost.
Take it away with our hot beverages that are absolutely FREE! Day pass holders will be offered a complimentary artisan bottled drink. A wide range of canned drinks (carbonated/non-carbonated/sugar-free) is available to suit your atas taste buds.
Big or small we have it all! Our largest space can accommodate up to 6 people and that makes us well in line with safe distancing measures :D. Did you know we have couple seats too?
We acknowledge that our lives are dynamic and changes even as you read. Nonetheless, we do not grant refund in the midst of a pass. Even so, you could appeal by sending us an email at [email protected] and our officers will review them on a case by case basis. Rest assured we empathise with your situation!
Co-Study FAQs
If you don’t mind the hard floor. :”) Just kidding! :D We are certain that your soft and bouncy bed at your residence awaits. Hence, you cannot stay over at Spatial. Our operating hours are from 7am to 2am daily (7am to 12am for JE). We look forward to seeing you again the next day!
Yepp! But on one condition - use your own earphones / headphones! Haha! Let’s be considerate to other users that want to hustle.
Of course! You should study with friends that provide you that extra motivation or even with friends that encourage you to stop procrastinating. We have a space available that can accommodate up to 6 people! Just make the correct booking :D
Co-Work FAQs
Absolutely. All you have to do is book our meeting room or a hot desk at Spatial and you can conduct your meetings anytime from morning to evening. Our meeting room provides full privacy so you can have a peace of mind during your meetings and we encourage you to fully utilise the space, including full access to our 55’ Smart TV for any presentations or discussions.
Of course! On top of holding business meetings, we encourage our users to bring their clients/guests over to create a collaborative environment that builds strong working relationships. Your clients/guests like yourself would also have access to all the facilities offered. You can also bring your colleagues over to work more efficiently and effectively to achieve an open, communicative and collaborative experience among everyone.
Yes, privacy in the meeting room can be assured. The huge glass window in the meeting room comes with user-friendly blinds that can protect your privacy easily. Simply draw or raise the blinds to your desired level to ensure the optimal privacy setting of the meeting room.
Co-Teach FAQs
Yes for sure. Spatial provides you with a space for you to tutor students at a convenient and accessible location with flexible timings to suit all your needs. We enable you to scale up your teaching capabilities with a simple and affordable booking of our meeting room. We provide a conducive environment for teaching and learning that will convince any parent on the quality of education that they would receive.
Nope! Your students will not be charged. Your booking covers for all your students (regardless of a big or small class)
A picture paints a thousand words; a video is worth a million words :P so yes! Learn better with our 55” smart TV that you can connect to your laptop or just search interesting videos on YouTube and play it directly! Whiteboards are also made available for you to illustrate difficult concepts to your students.
Of course! As a business ourselves, we hate uncertainty. Speak to one of us so that we can arrange for a fixed booking. You’d contact us via any of our socials or email us.
No we are not, instead we believe in providing the space that enables teaching and learning to occur in a conducive environment. We invite tutors to speak to one another to share best practices to help students learn better! We also have photocopiers for you to print out essential notes for your students to further complement and enhance their learning (additional charges may apply)
Yes of course! We welcome them to book one of our study spaces for them to revise whatever you’d just taught!